Recommended app of the week: Kiperfy

Kiperfy was created by Mau Lamas, an entrepreneur originally from Monterrey who, after living a bad experience with the administration of a department, decided to develop an application and solve the problem. Kiperfy arrives to facilitate the connection between the administration and the users of a residential or commercial building, and aims to unite communities, […]

5 Tricks used by ad agencies to make food look better

Advertising is, fundamentally, an attempt to convince a series of people to buy a product or service using relatively little information about it. Giving all the technical specifications of what is offered would not only be very expensive in terms of the type of advertising space that would be necessary to hire, but also would […]

Natural Meals Versus Non-Natural Meals – Determine?

Relating to natural meals versus non-organic meals, one of the crucial vital questions that the majority diet-enthusiasts and meals curious individuals wish to ask is the best way to inform the distinction. In different phrases, the best way to determine or differentiate natural meals from the standard meals? Frankly and truthfully talking, there’s actually no […]